Healthy Life Tips at Modern Lifestyle

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IN MODERN HEALHY LIFESTYLE, we almost disregard our own health for a long time. In a state of stress, we sometime give up with bad habit, like smoking, drink too much alcohol, overeating or on the contrary, forget to have sports and less sleep.

That one habit will harm and decrease our body performance. More than one bat habit during through years will cause serious health trouble!!

Ever once in a while, we need to sit a moment and think our life situation. You might possibly being attacked excessively by flu latterly. You might possibly have a bad stamina, so a simple everyday activity being felt as heavy burden. Healthy life

Melilea Indonesia

Possible during the time, you have been eating junk food too much, and increasing your body weight, or your skin, nail and hair become matt. Possible also you have no sport activity for a long time, cause drop your stamina. You must be agree, that the situation have to be changed, but you not assure from where have to start. Healthy life
Detox Diet

When you are getting into a short detoxification program, you can assist to remove a dangerous toxin from your body, applying healthier life pattern, starting diet target, and the new fitness practice. Detox Diet is consuming only some unprocessed food type during some times. Drink much water and the herb tea. This diet will throw away dangerous toxin from body system, bringing back your energy and make body return newly. Healthy life

For The beginning, try a diet program which only takes place during one or two days. This is the ideal way because will clean your body smoothly. This program has a little side effect. The detox program during one week will be more effective and only require to be done to finish more serious problem. Healthy life

If possible, take leave and secede from all responsibility during one week. Food change, everyday activity and beverage, will bring side effects for a while. You possible experience of headache, confused and stomachache when poison will be released from body system. But, that uncomfortable will disappear when you make a fresh start at normal eat pattern and healthy life
Fitness Practice

Fitness practice is another important matter of detox program. This activity will stimulate limfa system, making heart become active, racing blood circulation, removing unnecessarily matter and supplying oxygen to all body cell. Fitness practice not only merely forming body muscle, but also stimulates zest of life, releases chemical matter called endorphin. That matter will overcome stress effectively, even after the exercise. There is aerobic practice type which will pump heart activity, like cycling, jogging and dance. There is also the anaerobic practice type which will assist a forming bone density and muscle network in a short time, like burden lifting and squash. Practice variedly will train all muscle and prevent your feel boring. Healthy life
Meditation and Relaxation : Food for Your Soul

Relaxation and negative mind sweeping are two thing which have an equal important level with physical practice. Our mind and body has a full interactive. Therefore, stress, negative mind and angrier can confuse immune system, decrease ability in toxin removal, and make body weaker to disease and infection. Healthy life.

With meditation technique and relaxation during 15-30 minutes every day, you will feel the increasing of body endurance to virus, headache attack and other disease related to stress. The practice will give “ammo” to you, to face the war which has to be faced by everybody every day. Despitefully, you can also enjoy easiness live more

With visualization technique, you can face the depress situation, for example an important interview. Hereinafter, you can create solution or condition which is possible done to get gratifying result. Healthy life.
Massage and Aroma Therapy

Like regular fitness practice, there are many therapies, like massaging and aromatherapy, which can give advantage effect for liver system and assist to release poison from within body. Massage can also relaxes stress muscle and assist to overcome chronic disease, like muscle stress at stomach or shoulder. Healthy life

Learn and train massage technique, It will decreases ill joint problem, backache and neck stress. You can massage face area, palm and hand. Massaging at palm also will assist to avoid sprained. Massage technique using aroma therapy will improve its speciallity. Healthy life

Focus yourself to look after body by now, you will not require detox process in the future. Others, you’ will pass away a day to going old, with more healthy, without various ordinary problems which usually attack us
Spa Treatment. Healthy life

When experiencing detox program, you have to try spa treatment, like sauna, gulp mud, body scrub and flower bath to make you feel pampered and make your skin felt fresh. Gulp and sauna can clean your skin and look to glow. Other body treatment, like facial, body scrub and take a bath flower, even can give balmier for your life

Healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy………. Don’t worry…!!!

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Healthy Life Tips at Modern Lifestyle